CHANGES in class schedules & NEW sessions being added!!!

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT:  We have decided to change the class rotations to make more sessions available and we are adding more sessions.  

What this means to you is you need to carefully read any class notices you receive in your email.  PARTiCULARLY NOTE our comments at the bottom.  We may be changing the date or time of your class.  It is IMPORTANT to read these carefully during November.  By December the schedule will have evened out, but there will be many changes posted in November.  

Please recheck your registered classes regularly to be sure they have not changed and you missed an email notifying you of the change.

New sessions are indicated with a colored bar to the left of the title of the class when you are viewing it in "monthly agenda" mode.  They may be added on rather short notice so if you are waiting for a particular class, be sure to check daily.  JUST ADDED CB101, CB102, CB103, CB104, CB105, CB106, CB110, CB112. Thank you for your patience while we try to make the schedule more accommodating.      Robin

Returned Quizzes?

The DSHS sets the minimum passing score on quizzes at 80%. If you score less than 80%, your quiz will be returned and you will be notified. You will need to redo it. You will not receive credit for completing the class until you achieve a passing score on the quiz. If you have questions, email us at   Robin VanHyning MSN, RN, NHA - Director of Training


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